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Spend some time online and you are bound to come across a variety of methods businesses and organisations are using to engage their audiences.

Out of these methods, one of the more effective means of engagement
is via a corporate video.

Corporate videos are an incredible tool to engage your audience. Traditionally it is used for your visitors or at events; as social media becomes more prevalent, so does corporate videos. Corporate videos have become essential marketing and communication tool that all organisations need to have.

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Corporate videos are highly versatile, it can be simple and short, making them extremely shareable on online video sharing platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, your website, online marketing campaigns, adverts and so much more. It can also be comprehensive and in long form, providing an engaging and exciting way to communicate their ideas and achievements to their audience.

What makes a good corporate video?

Many have the presumption that corporate videos are cold and dry. However, corporate videos hold the potential to be just as captivating as their entertainment counterparts. And just like their entertainment counterparts, corporate videos can embody creativity by storytelling – a strong and engaging means to reach out to one’s audience.


A corporate video can take on many forms and is malleable to cater towards your needs. Live action or animation, big budget blockbuster style or a simple cost effective showcases, the adaptability of the corporate video makes it ideal to meet your organisation’s goals while ensuring you don’t blow the budget.

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Besides sharing goals and information, a corporate video can evoke emotion. By evoking emotion, you can connect with your audience through a corporate video. You may draw on popular culture, reference the current political, economic, or social climate or simply have a familiar face appear in your video.


There are plenty of information that can be consumed on an everyday basis. Corporate videos should be as succinct and as easy to consume as possible while also having the ability to grab one’s attention amidst the flood of information that can be found online. By focusing on the key points, you can keep your videos relevant and fresh, even months into posting.

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FPIX MEDIA, started video production in 2003 as FPIX Productions, creating a series of corporate videos for Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and her faculties. FPIX crafted this unique reality-styled corporate video “Made in NTU”, that stood out from the rest at Career Fairs and OpenHouse.

With that great start, we have never stopped our corporate video production services, creating numerous corporate videos for Yellow Ribbon Project, Dad’s for Life and many other companies and organisations.

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